Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Never EVER Try to be Sneaky Around Your Mother . . .

I walked into Mom & Dad’s place after church on Sunday with an envelope full of cards and e-mails for Mom that had come in over the past couple of weeks.  Mom took them to the back room to read, and Dad and I sat down to play cribbage.  A few minutes later, Mom walked out with that look on her face.  You know the one.

I’ll get you for that picture you took of me.”

I had included a copy of the “How’s Your Mom” blog piece I wrote last week – that was the first time she had seen the shot I took while she was at the oncologist.  It was intended for my brother, but I knew when I used it in the blog that I would pay the price.  However, she was willing to allow a replacement . . .


Mom caught me off-guard when I walked in – it was at the end of a very busy day, and when I saw her new hat my first reaction was “I thought you had lost all of your hair.”  Silly me . . . the bangs are attached to the hat.  Still, I think it looks really nice!


  1. She is adorable in that hat! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love it and that hat is so sassy!!! By the way, bet my mom can give one of "those looks" worse than your mom. Mine has been practicing for 86 years. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. What a great note and picture...based upon the smile, it would appear that she has forgiven you for the first picture! The best to you and your family!

  4. too funny! I had forgot she lost all of her hair when I looked at the pic :) Looks great! Always a wonderful smile :)

  5. This is a lovely picture of your mom. She looks fabulous. What a great idea to have the hair as part of the hat. My hat is off to the creator of that idea.

  6. You know you can never get away with things with your Mom! They always know. Guess we all had the same reaction to the new picture, but I thought she'd lost her hair....ohhhhh, now I get it!(hat's off to who ever designed that hat!!) She looks fantastic!!! Wishing all of you a truly marvelous and thankful Thanksgiving!
    Hugs to your Mom,

  7. wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. she looks great