Friday, November 11, 2011

More Pictures That Are (Still) Better Than a Roofing Story …

I am in Birch Run, Michigan this weekend for the annual Deer Widow’s show – if your significant other is out hunting this weekend, come and see us!  Thursday was setup day, and along the way I saw a couple of things that pushed themselves ahead of roofing on the blog story priority list.

2011-11-10_13-53-04_505 2011-11-10_13-53-10_950

Tish Ramsey helped me set up the booth yesterday.  She brought her lunch along in a blue cooler, and when she got ready to eat she pulled out a little Sesame Street towel.  I didn’t pay much attention until she told me she had chosen it especially to bring along to setup.  Take a look at the name of the little girl Muppet on the towel . . .

Setup was loooooooong yesterday.  By the time we finished, I was ready for some haute cuisine.  People who know me well know that haute cuisine usually comes with the question “Do you want fries with that?”   When I was getting my drink, I discovered that McDonald’s – at least here – is finally addressing one of my pet peeves . . .

2011-11-10_20-31-21_521 2011-11-10_20-31-26_779

I absolutely hate those stacks of cup lids out in the open.  I watch people rooting through them with grimy hands and I find myself getting mine from way back in the stack to try to avoid the germs.  This handy-dandy gadget dispenses one lid at a time when you pull on the cover.  Gotta love it!

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