Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update for the Spellbinders and Tim Holtz Preorder Crowd . . .

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting (yeah, right) the pictures and narrative from my Arizona trip, I haven’t gotten to that yet because we’re frantically filling preorders for the new Spellbinders dies.  The first batch came in on March 16 (the same day I left for Arizona – timing is everything), and we have gotten at least four or five more shipments since then.  But we still haven’t seen S4-328 Foliage – we’re shipping partial orders without those and we’ll catch up when they finally arrive.  I suspect we’ll get pretty much caught up by the first of the week, and hopefully we’ll have some left over to take to the Allentown show next weekend.

Our first decent batch of new Tim Holtz dies arrived about noon today.  But it’s disjointed – only about half of the dies expected in March (and NO Mini Paper Rosettes), and five dies that weren’t expected until April!  We’re filling what we can and shipping partial orders when everything you ordered that was expected in March (or April, or May, etc.) arrives.  We’ll be leaning on Ranger and Sizzix to send us some Mini Paper Rosettes – when they get here, a lot of preorders will get shipped (we probably sold 150 0f those, maybe more).

Stay tuned – we’re working as fast as we can!


  1. Hey! I was eagerly awaiting the pix!! :) I'll take sunshine/warm weather any way I can get it right now!

  2. My local stamp store just got Foliage in today!!! There's hope. Thanks for the speedy delivery of the other new dies. Looking forward to the pictures as I am tired of Wisconsin's lack of spring (although the day lilies are poking through.)

  3. Thank you for the partial order. I appreciate that you decided to go ahead with it even though you'll be incurring extra postage for all of us. That's why I'm a loyal customer. You give the best personal service possible. Thanks again.