Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Passage of Time Makes Old Technology Obsolete . . .

One leftover image from the Indianapolis show a couple of weekends ago – if you have read my musings for more than a year (hard to believe this blog is now two years old), you might remember this picture of a pay phone in the back of the building where the show is held.  I rarely see them anymore . . .

0306000943[2] 2011-03-06_13-48-09_455

. . . and this year it was gone – pay phones just aren’t necessary anymore.  Still, it’s rather sad.

I am in Arizona this week – my brother and I are visiting with our parents.  The last couple of years, Dad took us straight off the plane and out hiking, but this year he was in the park bocce tournament so we were spectators during the afternoon.  But when the match was over, Blake and I decided we needed to hike a little to get ready for the marathon that Dad will take us on tomorrow.  And we made a friend along the trail . . .


It’s just a little one, and not poisonous (we think) – didn’t seem to mind sharing the trail with us at all.  Today, we will spend the entire day at the McKale Center at the University of Arizona – Blake and I are taking Mom to the NCAA basketball tournament (four games today, two more on Saturday).

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  1. Nice friend you have there. Enjoy your time with fam!