Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rain, Dog Treats, and an Autograph?

Welcome to the monsoon that is Indianapolis, Indiana.  The lead story on every newscast has to do with rain, flooding, or some variation of water.  And the scary part for me?  My house is only two hours away, and it’s doing the same thing there.  Can’t imagine what I’ll come home to . . .


This sight was in a Kohl’s parking lot in Fishers, northeast of Indy.  When I first saw it, I assumed they had set up skating rinks for the kids during the winter.  Then I found out that three days earlier, the entire parking lot had been underwater (the drains were clogged), so this was the solution to uncover parking spaces.


A change in our booth layout that you’ll likely notice if you see us on the road this year – Faber-Castell’s new Design Memory Craft line.  Big Brush Pens, Watercolor Pencils, Gelatos, Artist Pens, Sampler Kits and more – you will definitely want to check this out.


Ten minutes before the show opened on Saturday, there were less than 20 people in the building.  They must have been waiting for a break in the rain, because shortly after 10:00 they started pouring in (bad pun) . . .


I was very careful in taking this photo – Sue Rothamel has used this saying to explain Perfect Paper Adhesive for so long that she finally had it imprinted on a shirt.  That said, when she assumed this pose, I almost put my camera away . . .

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Suetta knows that the way to my dog’s heart is definitely through her stomach.  And I still haven’t gotten over this nice lady asking for my autograph (this has never happened before).  I assumed she was asking me if Sue would sign her book (she wanted that, too), but she really did want mine.  The inscription -- “My First Autograph . . . Ever”


And I have no words to describe this.  Yes, it’s real hair . . .

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