Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Weather Outside Is Frightful . . .

I came in grumbling a bit this morning – it was pouring snow (again).  I have come to the conclusion that people should be required to pass a Winter Driving Test to be allowed on the roads during bad weather.  I followed two who would have failed all the way to work.


This was the view out my office window this morning.  The picture is not fuzzy – if you look at the buildings across the street, you can see the snowflakes.  We got get three or four inches by the time it ended – and most of the schools are closed.  Go ahead and laugh, northerners – I think it’s funny, too.  A friend of mine in northern Wisconsin got 14” on Monday – and the schools there were on a two hour delay. 

Patti and Debbie are taking a snow day, so I have a visitor today . . .

DSC01559 DSC01560

Zoe was all excited this morning – she loves snow.  When I let her out this morning, she ran through the backyard – took about four leaps and bounds, then buried her nose in the snow and snapped her head up to spray it about.  Then she repeated the process over and over.  She will spend most of the day looking out the front window here.  I talked with a lady last week who had driven to our store from out of state, and detoured to the mail center on the way – hoping to see Zoe peeking out the front window!  Unfortunately, they missed each other by a day.


Reminder -- The Free Shipping with a $30 Purchase Special ends Monday, December 20.  So if you need last minute gifts, as long as we have it in stock we should be able to get your order to you before next weekend.  We have lots and lots of gift ideas for under $10, including lots of “how-to” crafting books from Tweety Jill for $5 each.  And Tammie is counting a bunch of retired Spellbinders dies that I’m going to put on the website by sometime tomorrow for a limited time.  The shopping cart has an inventory function on it that I want to test – if everything works as I expect, the cart will only allow you to order a die from this batch if we still have some left to sell!  With the store, the mail center, and the show booth, we’ll never be able to do everything that way, but at least I want to try it!

Yesterday, I finished a project that we have been working on for some time – enough of you asked for it that I finally convinced Gary that we had to make it a reality . . .


Yep – you can finally use PayPal when you shop online at

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  1. I'm with Zoe, I like the snow :) Have a great Christmas!