Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Shipping Extended 24 Hours for the Businesspeople . . .

Sunday evening, I checked the progress of the e-mail I sent out to the list late Friday – and suddenly realized that it went out too late for most of the businesspeople to see it before they left work for the weekend.  So we are extending the “Free Shipping with a $30 Purchase” Offer for one additional day to give them (and you) time to take it home and spend some time with it!

This is not a gimmick – I picked today as the original end date to give folks time to put an order together over the weekend and then get it to us on Monday if they had to use their work computers (yeah, I know – but I shop online at work, too!).  But then I got busy and sent the e-mail out too late on Friday. 

So I felt it was only fair to move the finish line back a day – plus a few hours, since it will end when I get to work on Wednesday and adjust the system.  Thanks to all of you who have sent in your orders already – it was a blast watching them come in on my computer over the weekend!

In case you missed it in the e-mail – I put 84 retired Spellbinders dies on the website on Saturday at way low closeout prices ($3.00 for S3’s, $5.00 for S4’s, $20.00 for font dies).  It’s a test of the inventory function on the shopping cart – and it worked (once a die ran out, it couldn’t be ordered anymore).  They are still quite a few left – click here if you want to see them!

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