Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A New Shipping Policy

As promised, the free shipping offer is over.  We ran it more than twice as long as in previous years – and thanks to everyone who placed orders and took advantage of it. 

So now we’re back to the same dilemma we have every year about this time.  The annual notice arrives from UPS that they will be raising their rates in January – and we have to decide whether we’ll hold steady on our shipping rates or be forced to raise them (again).

This year, we’ve decided to try a happy medium – instead of raising the rates, for most orders we will be lowering them.  Here’s the scoop – All Domestic Orders Ship for $5.95.  That way we recover part of the cost to ship your packages, but you get a break (in many cases a really big break) on the rates we have charged for years.  This is only for retail orders, and as before orders $10.00 and under ship for $3.95.

Still haven’t figured out what we will be doing on orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, etc. (you know who you are).  Probably something similiar to the half price shipping we offered when we were doing free shipping.  As always, contact us in advance for shipping rates before placing your order if this applies to you.

I put a big banner on our homepage and adjusted the shopping cart this morning.  But if you call to place your order, you may need to remind us – it will probably take a while to get used to this after all these years.

Any feedback?  I’d love to hear it . . .

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  1. Sounds very fair domestically. Those who place larger or heavier orders (books) really get a good deal :) and too bad for smaller orders. fwiw