Monday, August 16, 2010

The Morning After . . .

You were just certain you were through with me after a solid week of daily posts, weren’t you?  I thought so too, but when I got to the store late this morning, the difference between last week and this week was so striking that I felt the need to share it.

0729101522b 0816101138

The sign is gone . . .

0809101404 0816101142

The store is quiet . . .

0810101536 0816101143

All of the Tweety Jill class kits and such have been boxed to ship back to Florida, and I just got back from taking Jill to the airport.  But all of this just means we get a minute to take a deep breath – because life goes on and soon the store will be hopping again . . .


The display of Rubber Stamp Tapestry peg sets is back in the store and should be there for about a month.  And there are eight new sets from CHA on it that you probably haven’t seen before!

wed0818  0810101530

Note to those of you in the hinterlands (as well as the locals) for when you plan your pilgrimage to Marco’s (and yes, we know you’ve thought about it) – our weekly Free Make It & Take It sessions start again on Wednesday.  At left is Debbi Liskany’s offering for Wednesday (9:00 – 11:00 a.m.), and at right is Maureen Payne’s offering for Saturday (11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.).  Can’t ask for much more than the opportunity to sit and swap stories while you do a great project that costs you absolutely nothing.  And we do it every week . . .


  1. wow wow wow. wow at the difference in the store. wow at the yellow daisy card. wow that you do make it take it for free every week! now if only the gas or plane fare was free... :)

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  3. Hi everyone at Marcos!!!! I miss you guys!! Wisconsin is a long way from Dayton, OH! Thanks for the blog, emails, and now facebook so I can keep up with your progress. Wow! Thinking back to 1993 and asking for glossy kromecoat paper for stampers among other things!!