Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Busy Day Three That Ultimately Goes to the Dog . . .

I made two trips to the store on Wednesday. The first was about lunchtime, and the place was rocking. This is not an unusual sight during the Stamping Gala . . .

0811101259 0811101313

Stacey Richardson (and family) were busy demoing Sweet Stamps’ new Shapes die inks (at least 60 colors – all coordinating with a Core’dinations color). Meanwhile, it was business as usual in an area of the store you rarely see. In the back middle of the right photo, Tammie and Donna are busy at the cutter, and in the back left, Helen is busy wrapping packages of paper.

0811101302 0811101303

Meanwhile, Polly Weed was setting up in the classroom while husband Norm took time off from his busy golf schedule to lend a hand. The earlybirds had already snatched the prime seating for Polly’s class.

0811101515 0811101517

When I came back a couple of hours later, I had a friend in tow. A lot of customers had asked to see Zoe, so I ran home and brought her back for a visit before I headed to the golf course. Maureen Payne was taking Polly’s class, so Barry set up in a corner of the back room to work on his latest model (Barry is an award-winning model car builder). The shot of Barry is out of focus because a certain canine decided to tug on her leash just as I snapped the shutter . . .

0811101519 0811101532

Robyn Richardston (Stacey’s daughter) gets the ultimate compliment from Zoe. And a very nice lady asked if she could take a picture of Zoe and me together – no one ever sees that since I’m the one shooting the photos.


The out-of-staters are beginning to pour in – this is part of the Indiana group. The lady in the middle is the one who always wins a prize in the giveaways in Indianapolis (and often in Cincinnati – so watch out for her this weekend). She greeted me with “I thought I’d stop by to see if there was anything I could win here.” I also had a conversation about training dogs with a very nice lady from Michigan.

0811101524 0811101324

Jill and Lindsay were set up in the front corner of the store doing Tweety Jill demos and make & takes before Jill’s class later in the afternoon. Jill said several customers asked to see her samples from the Vintage Tags class she did on Tuesday, so here they are – first the whole set, and then the individual tags below.

0811101325 0811101319a 0811101320

0811101320a 0811101321 0811101322

Since this is the only show of the year where I’m in the area all of the week before, I get a chance to watch the buzz and excitement level grow each day. Lots of happy folks in Southwestern Ohio this week!

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