Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Four: Another Trailer in the Parking Lot and a North Carolina Reunion


When I came into the store on Thursday, I came in the back door and around the corner, and walked straight into Libby Friel’s “baby romper” make it/take it.  She was doing half-hour shifts and everything seemed to be moving smoothly, but I started to wonder when I walked out into the classroom . . .


. . . and saw a crowd of people sitting and waiting!  It didn’t hit me what they were waiting for until I walked out the back door . . .


. . . and saw another trailer in the parking lot.  Ron & Sarah Justison from The Paper Cut had just pulled in, and Jeff, Robyn and Chase from Sweet Stamps had come out to greet them (the Richardsons spent three days “camping” in our parking lot).  Sarah had a 12:00 demo – that was the reason for the crowd in the classroom!

0812101202 0812101207

It only took Sarah a few minutes to set up and get started, with Robyn alongside!

0812101203 0812101207a

Meanwhile, our North Carolina contingent had arrived – Bonnie and Lou Ann were busy demoing in Marco’s Too, and Peggy was restocking in the store.  If you come to the store this weekend, you’ll see a lot of them.  I made some wisecrack about North Carolina as I walked through, and discovered that the two ladies at the table working with Bonnie and Lou Ann were also in from North Carolilna – it is truly a small world.

0812101135 0812101135a

This is another out-of-state family – the lady at right first stopped in the mail center instead of the store.  But she recognized me (“you’re the guy up on the ladder giving out prizes”) from the Orlando show – she was up from Florida visiting her grandkids.  So I gave her directions to the store, and by the time I got there she was almost finished with her shopping.  She said next time she’s coming by herself!


Here’s a sight you rarely see – Gary somehow seems to avoid almost all photography.  Only got a long-distance shot today, so he never saw it coming.


By contrast, this is Kim – if you go through the blog posts this week, you’ll see her in every one.  It appears she has taken up residence.

Friday, the store will have to do without Karen and me – we will be in Cincinnati setting up the booth for the show, and then doing the Preview Party in the evening.  This year’s theme is My Superhero.  Lots of people want to know what we’re wearing (and if I will be gender-correct for a change this year)  Stay tuned . . .

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  1. busy busy busy! Looking forward to seeing the pics of the costumes for this year; always lots of fun :) Have fun!