Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Person’s Treasure . . .

I have been sitting on this story for almost three months, and now it’s time to share it.  Our friend Harriet Swindell used to live near here – several years ago she and her husband Michael moved near St. Louis.  So now I see her one June weekend a year when she demos for us at a show in Collinsville, Illinois.  Harriet usually drags Michael along to help with setup and teardown, and once or twice she has also drafted her friends Neal and Peggy Wade.

As we were catching up during setup for this year’s Collinsville show, Harriet mentioned a new venture that she, Michael, Peggy and Neal were hatching together – building figurines out of old parts and pieces of junk.  I was intrigued – so on Sunday she brought some of their creations in to show off . . .

0613001058 0613001056a

These little critters look even better in real life than they do in pictures.  I tried to take shots from several angles, because every time I looked from a different direction I recognized another part that had been used.  The arms are made out of spoons, wrenches, bottle openers, and more.  The legs can be bolts, or candle holders, or pipe, or something even more outrageous.  And the torsos are tins, pill boxes – all sorts of things.

0613001057 0613001100a

They are so cool.  I laughed out loud when I saw the “Prince Albert” guy, because it reminded me of all of the “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” prank calls we used to get when I worked at the grocery store when I was a teenager.

0613001559 harriet

After a while, we really did have to go back to work doing stamp show stuff.  But Harriet told me that the Swindells and Wades were forming their own little company to market their creations.  They’re calling it Reincarnations4U — and their first craft fair is coming up September 10, 11 & 12 at the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, Missouri . . .


Reincarnations4U will be at Booth #2. If you’re anywhere nearby, go out and take a look!  If you’re not, their website is now up and running at  Get a cup of coffee in advance – you’ll spend some time just looking at their creations.  It may just be me, but these things have personality!


I really like their logo.  I pulled a few of these pictures from their new website . . .

harriet3 harriet4

And I think you’ll really enjoy taking a look at how four people with quite an imagination can bring an old saying to life – one person’s junk truly is another person’s treasure . . .


  1. I love these! Tell them good luck on their adventure.

  2. Cool Stuff!! Reminds me of the movie Robots :)

  3. It is too bad you had to rip-off another artist to do this. Amy Flynn is the creator of Fobots Anyone can see that Reincarnations designs are an obvious copy of her Fobots. Amy has been doing this for over three years now and was the first on the craft fair scene with her Fobots. You people at Reincarnations are obviously copycats. Shame on you! You could have at least tried to come up with your own style. The plagiarism is so obvious.
    Read her blog: If you delete this post it is only becuase you don't want people to see the truth. Again, shame on you! Signed Jan Gregg-Kelm Fan of Amy Flynn Designs and her Fobots!