Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lou Ann's Greenville Demo

I suspected that the masses would request step-by-step instructions for the "flowers" Lou Ann Ewing was making at the demo table in Greenville last weekend. So I took pictures Sunday before the show started, and she sent me the instructions when I got home. And I have to admit that I'm shocked at how easy they are to make (translation -- I can do it). So the verbiage is Lou Ann's, the pictures are mine, and hopefully the two will go together well enough to be understandable.

And awaaaaaay we go . . .

Start with a piece of decorative scrapbook paper -- 1½" x 12" (just remember that your paper should be half as wide as whatever width you want your flower to be (1½" width makes a 3" flower).

Punch along one edge of the paper with any scalloped patterned punch (for this example, Lou Ann used a "running water" punch by Fiskars).

Score with a Scor-It board all along the paper in the "valleys" (the punch determines where you score -- if the pattern is wider you may have to score in both the "valleys" and "mountains")

Next, fold the scored paper "concertina" style (back and forth).

Then put ¼" red line tape on one of the ends and "marry" it with the other end.

Now you have a crinkled circle (make sure the side you want as the top is on the inside of the circle), and the decorative scalloped side is on the bottom).

Before the next step, punch out a 1" circle of chipboard to give the flower stability and put red line tape on it.

Now for the tricky part -- pinch one pleat on each of the opposite sides and push in the top part while pulling out the scalloped bottom (watch Lou Ann's fingers in the picture at left and twist so that the unscalloped side becomes the center of the flower).

Then put your 1" chipboard circle with the red line tape in the middle of the bottom to hold it together (you'll need to press in).

Flip over the flower and put tacky glue in the center and decorate with a button or charm.

Have fun with your new little flowers! Lou Ann says these make beautiful ornaments if you put two of them back-to-back with a ribbon hanging in-between.

Enjoy -- now I'm off to Rhinebeck, New York for another show this weekend. Come out and see us!


  1. Awesome tutorial! I might even be able to do it! Thanks so much. I enjoy your posts!

  2. Nice... i will give this a try!

  3. Hi!

    Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.

    Nancy Ward