Thursday, September 15, 2016

One of the Few Reasons You Might Wish You Lived near Dayton, Ohio . . .

I said yesterday that I would spend most of today working on new items that have been announced.  And by mid-afternoon, I haven’t spent a second on them.  Instead, I have spent most of the day taking pictures – editing pictures – posting pictures – and building and loading a page on our site to show off everything that will be happening during the Marco’s Fall Spectacular in our store in Dayton from September 26 thru October 2.  It’s a week of specials and make & takes and classes and such, topped off by a trunk sale and sidewalk sale in our parking lot on Sunday, October 2.

And as I worked on them, I was impressed by how talented our people are.  So I decided to share their work with you – if you live near here, some of these creations might just tempt you to pay a visit to our store in a couple of weeks.  And if you don’t, I still think you’ll be impressed as well – and you might even pick up a few ideas.

Here is a sampling – and if you click on this link, you can see a lot more . . .

0930 930-1130 lisanelson 0926 930-1130 sharontwardoski 0930 3-5 tonituck
0930 12-2 chrismach 0926 3-5 jimtuck 0929 4-6 LaQuittaBush 0928 930-1130 adawiller
20160907_100644_resized_1 20160914_130738_resized 20160907_100410_resized 0929 930-1130 wendybeck

A lot of these are Free Make & Takes presented by our store regulars – others are part of classes being held during the week.  One of these was actually created by – gasp! – a man.  And every one of them has something that you can’t get from a Hallmark card – the uniqueness and love that only comes from something handmade.

The page on our site dedicated to the Fall Spectacular isn’t finished yet – more projects will be added as the samples are completed.  But I invite you to take a few minutes to look through them – and to stop back later in the month to see what else might inspire you.

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  1. Ya know, Greg, every year at this time your mean streak comes out. It's just cruel to show all the fun that those of us not anywhere near Dayton will be missing! The trunk sale, classes and make-n-takes...yup, you've got a mean streak!