Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Caught My Eye on a Fort Wayne Weekend . . .

I’ll begin with an apology.  A customer made the following comment to me during the Fort Wayne show last weekend – “You haven’t posted much on the blog recently, have you?”  And she was right – I haven’t.  I’m sure that some would assume that the reason had something to do with my aunt’s death, but in all honesty, I have been struggling with some health issues.  I won’t bore you (or gross you out) with the details – suffice to say that modern medicine was stumped and it took a couple of visits to alternative medicine practitioners (who treated my son seven years ago under similar circumstances) before I started feeling better.  It was a rough three or four weeks, where getting through work took most of my energy – I even got a sub for golf league one Wednesday, and I never do that.

But I’m feeling better now, and it came just in time for my fall golf trip back to Tim’s Ford State Park in Tennessee, where I played some of my best golf in years.  Then I was home for a day before heading to Fort Wayne – make that rainy and frigid Fort Wayne.  After several days at 85+ in Tennessee and at home, it was simply cold and wet – thankfully, we were able to drive the truck inside the building so we were under cover all weekend.

And here are a few of the interesting sights that caught my eye . . .

20141004_084635 20141004_084641

Saturday morning before the show opened, I glanced away from our booth and saw groups of tables near the concession stand – and two or three of them had little centerpieces.  I found it interesting that anyone would bother decorating a scratched tabletop . . .


Until I looked back a few minutes later and saw that tablecloths had been applied.  It made quite a difference.

20141004_091725 20141005_114136

Annie’s (used to be known as “Annie’s Attic” – they publish lots of instructional books and videos and such) had a booth at the show.  I knew Robin Arnold used to work for them, but forgot that she had done a stamping video for them a while back.  So there was some irony in the fact that Robin was on opposite ends of the building at the same time.


Zoe and Nala think Suetta is very special, even though they have never met her – she dropped off treats for both on Saturday.  Every time my furry friends get a treat, they are reminded that someone out there loves them as much as we do – and of course I am certain that they understand every word.


To the anonymous customer in our booth late Saturday morning who fell in love with a complete set of Tim Holtz’ new Distress Spray Stains and decided she just couldn’t live without them – but didn’t see the need to pay for them – I hope your conscience tugs at you at least a little bit each time you use them.


And I couldn’t resist showing proof that Sunday afternoon was just a bit quiet in the hall at times . . .


  1. I am appalled at the gall of some people! It took guts for you to post this about your thief. I hope the thief's hands become permanently stained with the Distress spray stains taken without paying for them. I thought scrapbookers and stampers were some of the most honest people. What do I know? So sorry this happened to you, Greg...that is unfair.

  2. Glad you are feeling better...such a drain on the soul being ill. I just cannot imagine that anyone can live with themselves for stealing anything. I certainly can't get everything I want either, but sure do appreciate it when I can pick up something new to play with. I too am disappointed that a scrapper/stamper would do something like this.

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  4. Greg, Re: the stolen distress stains sprays, karma will get the guilty party heh heh heh....

  5. I'm with Nancy may their hands be permanently stained. It is a shame when thievery is found among our community :(