Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Items . . .

I know that some of you will be simply shocked to discover that this post is entirely work related (if you don’t feel that way, trust me – there are those who do).  But I really do work for a living – and over the past week or so we have learned about quite a few new items that are begging to find space on your craft table.  If you’re on our e-mail list, you may have already seen them – but if you aren’t . . .

Rather than going through long drawn-out descriptions, I’ll simply share the banners that I put on our homepage with a comment under each – you can click on the banner to go to our site for more information.  You may want to save this post until you have some time to sit down with a cup of coffee and browse . . .


It has taken most of 2014 to get all 48 colors of Distress Ink Minis out – 12 at a time in four releases two months apart.  The last 12 colors came out in late August – some of you waited until they were all available and ordered all 48 at one time (or perhaps as a gift?).


There were supposed to be ten new D-Lites dies featuring flowers and petals and greenery and such shipping in September (they’re on their way here now), and 33 more dies that we couldn’t display until late October.  But a few companies jumped the gun on the October releases, so Spellbinders decided to let everyone show them – we can take advance orders on those 33 now, but they still will arrive about the end of October.


About the same time, Spellbinders decided to discontinue more than 170 dies and folders – some of them for reasons that completely escape me.  At the time, I saw a list of how many of each they had left in stock – which ranged from six to several thousand.  So some of these will be around for quite a while because we’ll be able to order more.  But if Spellbinders doesn’t have any more, I put an inventory control on that die so we don’t take orders for more than we have – which came in handy for Labels Seven S4-231 (we had a run on those – wish we’d had more than one in stock).  Even with the inventory control, it may be difficult to keep up since we also sell them in our store and that doesn’t go through the site – so it’s always a good idea to check with us first.


Four new items from We R Memory Keepers – one is a new punch board, two are complementary pieces for existing boards, and the fourth is a space-saving mat.


Just announced this week – these came with a five-minute “how-to” video that you’ll find when you click on the link that also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the production line as they’re being bottled.


Announced by Ranger at the same time – if you use Texture Paste or any kind of spackle, this looks like a “must have” . . .


These are so new they aren’t even on PanPastels’ website yet – six new pearlescent colors, four mediums, and a colorless blender.  They’re available separately or in several sets.  One word of caution – the colorless blender isn’t included in any of the sets.

Have a great time!

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