Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Fest

While I was in Fort Wayne and York, and in-between while I was trying to catch up from one and get ready for the other, the Fall Fest was taking place in our store in Dayton.  It was a week full of specials and classes and make it/take its, with a sidewalk sale and trunk show on Sunday.

Last Wednesday, I was playing golf and using an app on my cell phone as a GPS when it started buzzing over and over – and later I found several pictures that Judy Davidson had texted to me.  She later told me that the store had held a “Spontaneous Stamping Challenge” on Tuesday afternoon where entrants took a random package of paper and created something awesome – and these were the winners . . .

1008141800-00 1008141801-00

First place went to Marty Osterday (left) and second place to Bernice Kleinschmidt (right – and of course we will assume that her entry was in focus even though this picture is not).


Third place was a tie between Gloria Foust and Donna Sheetz.

The same thing happened on Thursday afternoon – and my cell phone started vibrating during setup in York on Friday as more pictures from Judy arrived . . .

1010141729-00 1010141731-00

First place went to Donna Sheetz (left) and second place to Toni Deloach (right).


Third place was again a tie between Bernice Kleinschmidt and Gloria Foust.

My favorite picture of the week arrived in my inbox on Thursday while I was driving to York.  It came from Judy Kennard . . .


Apparently Thursday was “Thanksgiving Hat Day” and this was Judy Schneider’s entry.  The opportunity to spend time in our store and share your creative talents is just one more reason why a visit to lovely Dayton should be on your bucket list.

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