Saturday, May 17, 2014

Missing Person Alert . . .

I am not really missing . . . but sometimes it seems that way.  Life has been so hectic these past couple of months, and my son’s upcoming nuptials (four weeks from today) are only part of the hubbub.  I still haven’t even posted the pictures from my trip to Arizona – and my parents have already been back in Ohio for two weeks!  There were a lot of instances where I saw something that just begged to get posted on the blog, but I was so busy helping Debbie and Patti ship new Spellbinders or Tim Holtz stuff that I couldn’t justify stepping away for a few minutes and leaving an order unshipped as a result.

But I’ll get my act together early next week and start telling stories again.


No, Nala and Zoe are not looking for me – our front windows at home have been open a lot lately and they like to watch what’s going on outside.  Would like to say that it’s because of the great weather we have been having here, but instead it’s because our central air went kaput after 23 years and we have to fit the new installation into our furnace guy’s schedule.  But that will be a story all by itself.

Stay tuned . . .

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