Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Really Good News Heading Into a Holiday Weekend . . .

I have been completely off the blogging grid for the past three weeks.  Had a great time in Arizona with my parents – pics and narrative will come in a few days.  Even though I know there are a few of you who have been looking for that, I figured there were even more of you who preferred that I spent my time helping to ship the new items that have been pouring in since I got back.  So that’s what I have been doing.

But the news that arrived concerning my mom’s sister Nancy last Saturday and yesterday was just too good and I had to share it . . .

Last Saturday, I was at the store pulling new Spellbinders dies to fill your advance orders when my cell phone rattled on my hip.  It was Nancy, telling me that the day before she had gone to whichever doctor (there are so many) is responsible for the radiation combating the tumors in her brain.  She was told that the tumors had decreased in size enough that they are now operable, using a laser surgery that won’t even require an incision.  She wasn’t quite certain of the timetable, but yesterday she was being fitted for a “helmet” that will steady her head during the procedure.

Yesterday’s news was even better, and it was delivered by Nancy’s daughter Pam.  I was getting back from lunch when a note came in – I’m going to quote it directly since it’s just too good to paraphrase . . .

“Update on Mom – She got a call from the doctor this morning letting her know about her test results from the PET Scan and MRI.  The doctor said things are going better than expected and has to change his prognosis.  Some tumors have gone away and others have grown smaller.  He wants to talk to her in a couple of weeks about taking her OFF hospice care.”

Your prayers have meant so much to Nancy, and to the rest of our family.  And as such, I needed to let you know how they are being answered.  Thanks – have a great Easter weekend.

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  1. Thank you for your update. What wonderful news. God is good.