Monday, May 19, 2014

Life’s Little Irritants . . .

We have spent most of 2014 waiting for new items to arrive.  Almost all of the new releases have involved some period of time between the announcement and the actual release – and sometimes a delay as well.


This was/is, without a doubt, the hottest item we have offered in a long time.  The Tool ‘n’ One from Spellbinders was originally supposed to arrive in mid-March with the rest of their new dies and folders, then was delayed until “sometime in April” and finally arrived in early May.  But they still didn’t send us enough – we got through most of the advance orders placed through mid-April before they ran out.  I talked with Spellbinders on Friday and they expect more sometime next week and we’ll get them a few days after that.

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And then there are the new Stella Edge and Stella Task Lamps (the Tim Holtz “Industrial Collection”).  When these were first introduced in January, there was only one lamp and it was coming out in April.  Then in March we learned that there were going to be four – a clamp lamp with either a black or white neck and a desk lamp with either a black or white neck.  But April came and went and still no lamps.  Today, we heard that they had been delayed again – so we called Stella to find out why.  Apparently when the prototypes came in, Tim took a look at them and made some “adjustments” – and of course adjustments mean delays.  So now it’s supposed to arrive in late June or early July.

I’m just the messenger . . .

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