Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Two Most-Asked Questions at Every Show . . .

I experienced it again last weekend at the Novi, Michigan show – the two questions I am asked more than any others . . .

1.  “How’s Your Mom?”
2.  “How’s Zoe?”

So I will answer those today, and then tell Novi show stories tomorrow.  Oh yeah – last weekend, there was a third most-heard comment . . . “Loved the suit!”  And all of them made me smile.


This is the easiest way to show you how Mom is doing – the difference between the pictures I took of her the day they got home from Tucson in late April and the pictures I took of her yesterday.  She is doing really well, but she is getting nervous – her first visit to the oncologist since she was pronounced cancer-free is next month.  Not that she’ll learn much then – that’s just a quick visit to check where the lump was and see how she’s doing.  The big hurdle will be in December when she has another PET Scan.  Assuming she makes it through that with no issues, I think she’ll start to breathe a little easier.  Until then, please continue to keep her in your prayers – it has meant the world to us.


And my puppy is also doing well.  She spent the weekend at the kennel (don’t get worried – Zoe loves the kennel), so she was pretty trashed when I picked her up yesterday morning.  So she found a spot on the living room floor close to where I was working and took a long nap.  You’ll notice that her eye is open just a little – she always sleeps that way.  I guess she wants to make sure she doesn’t miss anything – she can snap to attention in half a second if something good is going on.


  1. Your Mom looks so adorable with her hair like that - very chic! I will keep her in my prayers. And I know that one-eyed sleep routine, My 1/2 shepherd, 1/2 Husky, Jackson sleeps the same way - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  2. I worked the Novi Show at the Sweet Stamps booth right across from you. I wanted to ask you about your mom and Zoe. Between our being busy and your booth busy, I didn't get the chance!! Mom looks wonderful!! And my Sheltie, Champ, does the same one eye routine so he doesn't miss what I am up to!!

  3. Both girls look fabulous!