Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sometimes We Move Really, Really Fast . . .


This was the view when I walked into Marco’s Too this afternoon – Terry Medaris was wowing a roomful of ladies in the art of all things Prismacolor pencils.  But the story today is how fast we got here . . .


This is Kecia Waters – she contacted our store about ten days ago, raving about a Tucson-based artist named Terry Medaris who was looking for a place in our area to hold a class on August 25 while he and his wife were in our half of the country doing a few shows.  Of course, I was intrigued by the fact that he was from Tucson (since my parents winter there).  But even though Kecia assured us that she knew several people who would jump at the chance to take a class with Terry, we weren’t sure we could get something together that fast.

2012-08-18_09-02-45_10 2012-08-18_11-51-35_471

My first involvement in this process was when Karen told me that Terry and his wife would have a booth at the show in Collinsville last weekend.  So I met them on Friday during setup and put them in touch with Karen to set up the logistics of the class.  Once that was done, I took some pictures on Saturday and got some samples – and Saturday evening I put the class on our website.  Monday, an e-mail went out to our local list.

And Saturday, we had a roomful of people . . .

2012-08-25_13-04-12_754 2012-08-25_13-05-29_392

. . . and an artist instructing them.

2012-08-25_12-58-25_822 2012-08-25_12-59-07_320

There was a trunk show set up in the store . . .

2012-08-25_12-58-42_947 2012-08-25_13-09-21_831

. . . and a friend of mine ended up in one of my pictures!


Not everyone in the class had worked with Prismacolors before, but obviously some of them came prepared.

In the middle of all this, our friend Joe Rotella stopped by for a visit.  He has been wanting to teach in our store, but didn’t realize that we had an area this size that could handle larger projects.  Now he is as excited about coming here as we are about having him here – stay tuned!

And as I said in the title of this piece, sometimes we move really, really fast!  I’m getting ready to hit the “post” button an hour after I took most of these pictures, and the class is still going on in the store!

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