Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just When You Think You Have Seen Everything . . .

I had a couple of those “I thought I had seen everything” moments over the past month or so – when I do, I usually grab my cell phone, snap a quick picture, and assume it will come in handy at some point.  If I have learned anything over the past 3+ years, it is this – anything and everything is “blog fodder” . . .

2012-08-27_17-42-40_15 2012-08-27_17-42-46_317

Maybe you have seen these before – I hadn’t.  A local dance studio has rented half of our mail center building since before I started working here almost 33 years ago.  This car was in the parking lot on Monday – it has to belong to one of Joyce’s students.


Believe it or not, these things are called CarLashes and there is a website devoted to selling them.

Now the other item I have today might be less likely to have crossed your radar unless you frequent men’s restrooms . . .

2012-07-29_13-34-00_965 2012-07-29_13-34-08_358

I can honestly say that I have spent parts of more than 50 years in men’s restrooms all over the country, but I have never seen urinals that you flush with a foot pedal.  These were in the Ramada Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota – where we did a show last month.

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  1. Two things I've never seen in one post! You are right about ANYthing becoming blog fodder.