Monday, July 9, 2012

Updates on Our “Patients” . . .

Our “patients” have been busy the past couple of days – thought you might like to know how they are doing . . .

I stopped by Mom & Dad’s place after church yesterday for my weekly cribbage games with Dad.  Found out that Mom spent all day Saturday sitting on the floor in the closet, organizing the mountain of e-mails, cards and such that she has received from all of you over the past nine months.  Oh how I wish I had known – I would have gone there to take pictures (and that is exactly why Mom didn’t tell me until she had finished).  She reread every one, organized them by date, marveled at the talents of those who sent handmade cards – and cried again at how thoughtful a group of people that she will never meet could be.  Mom is still doing well.  We have two family reunions around the 4th of July every year – and both were held in 100+ degree heat (which is really unusual here in Ohio).  She made it to the one on the 4th of July, but the heat really blew her away so she decided it might be better to stay home yesterday.  I noticed that her hair has lost its shaggy look – Dad trimmed it around the edges for her.  Mom was also very pleased to learn that you have shown Kathy Krivitski the same love and support that she received.

Yesterday was Kathy’s birthday (see the pic below of Kathy and the birthday cake from her sister).  She made it to the Orlando show and back but didn’t feel well the second day of the show.  She posted an update on her Facebook page and here is part of it -- “my muscles are very weak and yes I do my share of falling. I tend to embarrass everybody I'm with when I do this. It looks like I am tripping over be it, this is my life now. I did get a tripped out walker though. It's a nice shiny blue with hand brakes and a seat. Also has a basket in the front. I am STYLIN' with that thing!”  (editor’s note – I find it amusing that someone who is having trouble with her balance says she now has a “tripped out walker”)


Last but not least, Tom (our tomcat) went back to the vet today.  Looks like the change in diet and increase in his thyroid medicine are helping – he has gained half a pound.  And he is still wearing out the path between our driveway and the back garden.

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  1. Thanks for the update! Hugs to both ladies.