Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Set Your DVR . . .

Tonight is the night – our friends Cheryl & Megan Darrow from Ten Seconds Studio will be competing on Craft Wars on TLC (The Learning Channel).  I have mentioned this before, but the TV bigwigs changed the time – it will be on at 8:00 EDT (which makes me happy since I will probably be able to stay awake until the results are announced).


I made this sign to put on our website and in the store – for those of you in our area (or coming in for the Cincinnati show next weekend) – Cheryl will be teaching in our store on Thursday, August 2.  So after you watch Craft Wars and see how talented she is, make plans to take her classes!  This is really a big deal – and now that she is a TV star, she is really getting bombarded by stores wanting her to come and teach for them.  But we got her first (because we knew her “when”) . . .


  1. Cheryl won. Yea! I really liked her tree the best and was hoping she'd win it. Congratulations. Edna

  2. Thanks for posting that Cheryl would be on. I did catch one episode but am usually not home to watch. I was able to DVR Chery's episode and made sure to watch it the next day. When her competitor decided to make her tree out of Styrofoam and to spray paint it, I cringed -- I knew at that point she wouldn't win! I liked Cheryl's chalkboard paint tree a lot, and was glad she won!