Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Third Way to See If Anyone Reads This Blog . . .

My inbox overflowed yesterday after the blog post went out via e-mail.  It seems that all of you noticed what I didn’t – and yes, I really do realize that Zoe is a CANINE (as I said, it’s a good thing she can’t read).  I was trying to play a cute little trick with alliteration.  On my Facebook page, I posted a picture of Zoe and referred to her as my “faithful friend” – by the time I got here, I thought I could do better but I stayed with the alliteration.  And I never saw it – until you did.

So now I have learned a third way to see if you are reading.  The first two were obvious . . . (1) Write About My Dog and (2) Write About My Mom. Now we have (3) Write Something Really Stupid (or Do a Lousy Job of Proofreading).

And for that, it was worth it.  I am always grateful to those of you who find what I write interesting.  Have a great weekend, stay safe, and to those of you who served or love someone who does – thanks.

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