Friday, May 25, 2012

A Name Was Missing . . .

There is a sheet posted in our classroom listing the birthdays for the month among the “regulars”.  This month it looks like this . . .


Thankfully, my favorite canine can’t read – because today is Zoe’s fifth birthday and she isn’t listed!  But she still got to have a special visit.

2012-05-25_12-53-49_307 2012-05-25_12-54-29_802

Debbie Cosenza was having a class in the back room and Zoe got to beg a piece of pound cake from Karen.  And yes, that big ski book Karen is sporting serves a purpose – two weeks ago she bent over to pick something up and tore a calf muscle (ouch – hurts just to type it).  I’m told that Chris Mach was behind her when it happened and the “pop” was loud enough to scare her.


So Karen is on “light duty” for a few weeks – but that didn’t stop her from taking Debbie’s Pan Pastels Workshop.  See, we have gotten talented by osmosis – this is the project she was working on today!


  1. I hope Zoe can't read your blog either since you called her a feline instead of a canine!!

    1. Whoops! I was working on an alliteration thing and the first thought I had was "faithful friend" -- decided to go to "favorite" instead and obviously I should have stayed with the first thought. But thankfully, I can change it here -- just not in the post that went out by e-mail!

  2. Feline, oh my goodness, Zoe, your Daddy is so befuddled, lol. Happy Birthday, Zoe, thanks for sharing you day with us!

  3. LOL Feline indeed!! Zoe would be SO offended! Happy Birthday Zoe!!

  4. Glad to see that you finally figured out that Zoe was a "canine", not a "feline". :)
    Hope she enjoyed her pound cake. She's a real sweetie!

    Sherry in MI

  5. I see everybody else has already been on your case for calling Zoe a feline! But she's such a darling that she probably didn't even object.