Thursday, May 3, 2012

They’re Here, But . . .

Over the past two days, the new Distress Pads and Reinkers have started to arrive.  And we have started collecting them on a table so we can package them together – since most of you took advantage of our special and ordered the new pads and all nine reinkers.  But we’re finding that none of our suppliers realized that the reinkers for the Fall and Winter Sets would be as popular as we suspected . . .


This is what the table looked like about noon today.  Those three looooooong rows of reinkers are for the Spring colors, the shorter rows are the Fall and Winter colors.  And I was going into panic mode once I noticed (I’m sure you did as well) that one of those rows was dangerously short.  But shortly after, Gary walked in with a box from another supplier, and the short row became much longer.

So the first 30 orders for Spring Pads and All Nine Reinkers will be shipping today and tomorrow, and we will keep scrounging for more so we can fill the rest of them as quickly as we can.


  1. Makes me wish I would have ordered them just cause everyone else is....

    1. No time like the present! We'll keep scrounging until we get enough for everyone (or until Ranger runs out, whichever comes first)...

  2. yay! Hope my order for Spring Pads are in the first 30 :) I'm so excited :) :)