Monday, May 7, 2012

Signs of Life . . . Everywhere

There are little ones all over the place – I really have to be careful where I drive these days.  When I pulled up to the back door of the store on Thursday, there was a little one hopping around on the walk – obviously too young to fly yet.


He (she?) didn’t seem to mind me stopping to watch, and was a photogenic little tyke.  But some of the little ones have more adult supervision, like this bunch that I saw driving in my Mom & Dad’s complex yesterday after church . . .


I like ducklings – they don’t grow up to be annoying like Canadian Geese.  Used to think those were cute, too – back in the days when there were only a few of them.  Now, they’re everywhere.  When Ryan was playing football in high school, they had to share their practice field with a flock of Canadian Geese (and their droppings).  I washed his practice uniform in hot water every night!

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Update on my mom . . . we get her PET Scan results at 9:00 on Wednesday morning.  I will not kid you – she is scared to death and preparing herself for the worst.  I guess that’s to be expected – better to be pleasantly surprised by good news than devastated by bad.  I made a comment yesterday morning about how pleased I was to see that her hair had come back “salt and pepper” – she has had it colored for so long that I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was completely white.  Her response had something to do with “we’ll see how long I get to keep it.”

This all caught me a little off-guard – I tend to think that way at times, but I didn’t realize that she did as well (though I had to get it someplace).  My mom can always put on a cheery front – I can remember when I was little, at bedtime she would always tell me to “wake up with a happy face.” 

As always, we appreciate your prayers.  We have been pointing toward Wednesday since early October.  Now we’re only two days away, and it can’t get here fast enough.  One way or the other, the next post you read here will share the details.


  1. Warmest wishes for your mother.

  2. Prayers continue for you all.

  3. Sending continued prayers and healing thoughts. I've been thinking about her off and on all weekend and praying for good news come Wednesday!

  4. Love the baby ducks and know that my prayers continue for your mom and your family. Waiting for good news.