Friday, February 3, 2012

The Passage of Time . . .

I so look forward to our trips south in the winter.  Anything that gets my frozen body into anything approaching warmth is greatly appreciated in January and February.  The past couple of years haven’t been all that warm in the south, but I didn’t care . . .


This was February 2010 – the truck was buried in snow and it took me two hours just to dig it out.

2011-02-02_08-20-02_264[3] 2011-02-03_11-53-38_894[2]

February 2011 – our parking lot was a sheet of ice and it was scary just to walk from the car to the front door, much less load a truck.  Both years, there was no point in bringing shorts to Florida, where it was in the 50s and hardy souls who ventured to the beach were wearing multiple layers and parkas.  And for two years in a row, setup day in Atlanta was 33 degrees and pouring rain.


February 2012 – this was Wednesday.  Bright sunshine, 65 degrees – I was actually sweating a little as I loaded the truck.  And it was wonderful.  This morning, I am in Atlanta, where it will be 63 degrees and dry.  And the forecast for next weekend in Clearwater makes shorts a real possibility.

So make sure to come out and see us this weekend at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds in Lawrenceville, or next weekend at the Matheos Hall in Clearwater – we’ll have a booth full of goodies to tantalize you!

On a far more important note . . .

For the many, many people who have sent e-mails, offered prayers, and supported my mom in any way over the past four months . . . Mom and Dad flew back to Arizona on Wednesday.  The chemo has been completed and the outlook is very promising.  The oncologist has scheduled a PET Scan for early May, and he seems confident that when he sees the results he will be able to use the phrase “complete remission.”  Obviously, we can’t wait.  Please, please – keep that support coming.  My mom knows how much it has meant to have people all over the world praying for her.  Thanks.

For now, they flew all the way to Tucson and gained five whole degrees.  But that’s short term – it will get chilly here, and in Arizona Dad can go hiking in he mountains and Mom can walk in the warm sunshine.


  1. YAY!!! That is awesome news!!! Love it when people beat the bleeping disease, especially when it's people that seem as nice as your Mom :) Hope the success is complete in May!

  2. Wonderful news for your family.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news about your mom! I can't blame you for hoping for warmer temps for your trip south.