Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seems Like Everyone Has New Stuff Coming . . .

I have been negligent – at least regarding this space.  I have spent most of my time the past week or two putting new items on our website.  Some of them are already there, but lots won’t be seen until CHA starts on Sunday.  I sent out an e-mail to our list on Friday with links to almost everything I knew about at that point.  But more keeps coming . . .

This is the most recent item – I just found out about it yesterday.  New from the creative mind of Tim Holtz – Distress Markers

Here is the writeup from Tim’s blog (complete with his usual lack of capital letters) – “these markers have many of the amazing qualities you've come to love with distress like being reactive with water to allow for amazing blending and shading, and of course coloring on directly on to your stamps and stamp with them.  the dual tips are a flexible brush nib on one end for great coloring effects, and a plastic detailed nib on the other for journaling or fine detail work.  these new distress markers are available in 37 colors... 37?  oh yes, all 36 classic distress palette colors and white picket fence (just wait until you see what this cool white marker does with the other colors)...”

Distress Markers are supposed to be available sometime in February.  As usual in cases such as this, preorders sell for 20% Off the MSRP with Free Shipping.  Distress Markers are available individually or in a canister set with all 37 colors.

Most of the Tim Holtz stuff has been previewed on his blog already, but I’m still working on adding everything to our site.  The link below will take you where everything I have already accomplished is (and where everything I haven’t yet will be) . . .

Tim Holtz New Releases

Plan now – most of what you haven’t seen yet will pop into view on our website at precisely 1:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, January 29 and we’ll start accepting preorders immediately thereafter.  Here are a couple of links that will take you there when the time comes . . .

Spellbinders New Releases

Faber-Castell New Releases

There are already about 50 dies available on the Spellbinders pages – 25 more will appear on Sunday.  But the Faber-Castell page is completely blank until Sunday.  And there may be more that I have missed – we’re still looking.  Stay tuned!

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