Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished . . .

We are in Lawrenceville, Georgia this weekend for our annual visit to Metro Atlanta.  Even though a year has passed, a story from our last visit gained more clarity.  Remember the nice husband who bought a Vagabond as a surprise for his wife for Valentine’s Day and then sent her on a scavenger hunt through this show until she found her prize in our booth?


I got to meet him yesterday.  This is Tom Walborn, and his wife Barbara says she has gotten a lot of good use out of that Vagabond.  Tom is a good sport – I introduced him during the giveaway (basically explained to the ladies present that their husbands needed to take lessons from Tom) and he got a nice round of applause.  A few minutes later, he won a prize!


This happy lady won the last prize.  I called a number (I think it was “014”) and she moaned loudly.  From experience, I know that the loudest moans usually come from someone who has the ticket one higher or lower than the one I just called.  But “014” wasn’t there.  So I asked her which she had – one higher or one lower.  Her thumb went up, just as I drew the next ticket --- “015”

Mid-afternoon, Dave Carlson from Heirloom brought the ATC Contest entries by – a vote by the vendors determines the winner, and it was my turn to vote.  The theme this time was “Robots” – and the first entry I saw was the obvious winner . . .


And it did -- but it’s not the one I voted for . . .


I figured that anyone who was brave enough to steal an actual Star Wars Lego from her kid to try to win a prize should get at least one vote, just for guts . . .

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