Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Sure Sign That Something Is Going On . . .

Last Wednesday was my first day back at work after StampFest Orlando, and I had lots of stuff to unload when I got the truck to the store late in the morning.  Our store rocks on Wednesdays – the classroom is full all morning while the free make it/take it is going on.  So I knew something was up when I headed toward the back . . .


. . . and discovered that the classroom was completely empty.  However, there was quite a commotion coming from behind the display cases.

2011-06-29_11-45-27_811 2011-06-29_11-45-49_678

Lunch was being served!  The celebration was for Donna Sheetz’ 50th birthday – food, gifts, laughter, and fun for all.

2011-06-29_11-53-14_739 2011-06-29_11-46-27_390

Did I mention gifts?

2011-06-29_11-45-15_188 2011-06-29_12-49-04_977

Quick quiz – which picture of Donna was taken after the gifts were opened?


When I wandered back through the classroom, I made a crack about the overflow crowd being exiled to the “little kids’ table” – before I noticed that some of them actually were little kids!


Soon it was time to put aside the goodies and get back to the crafts at hand – it was Donna’s turn to lead the make it/take it . . .

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  1. What fun! Great store, and great customers.