Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Last Chance to Save Big on Copics . . .

If you haven’t heard yet, the MSRP on Copic Markers is going up on August 1 – to $4.79 for Copic Ciao and $6.99 for Copic Sketch.  Need an opportunity to load up on them before the price increase?  We thought so . . .

ciao 000

From now through July 31, we’re putting them on sale at great prices!

$3.49 for Copic Ciao
$4.99 for Copic Sketch

And if you have been waiting for the Copic Wallets to finally arrive (the manufacturer has been out of stock for months) . . . they’re here!  The backorders have all shipped and we have some on hand and even more on the way.  Three sizes available to hold 24, 36, or 72 markers.

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