Friday, July 22, 2011

Burgers & Baby Pictures . . .

I have a few images to share with you from last weekend’s excursion to lovely Grapevine, Texas.  Would like to have done this days ago, but I have been drowning in e-mail issues since I got back – I have been referring to it as “e-mail hell”, but Robyn Trimble sent me an e-mail this morning and called it “Spam-ageddon” and I like that much better.  I knew before I got to Texas that my free time was going to be limited, but there was one thing I simply had to accomplish while I was there . . .


The first In-N-Out Burger locations in Texas opened in the past couple of weeks.  This is good, good stuff – I was introduced to them years ago on a trip to California, and get a fix when I’m in Tucson visiting my parents.  But this is much closer, so I just had to make a stop on the way into town.

2011-07-14_19-52-23_682 2011-07-14_19-56-48_11

Apparently, their reputation got to Texas in advance – the drive-thru line went all the way around the building and out into the street.  There were policemen directing traffic, and cones in the street to extend the drive-thru line about a block.  There was a sign out in the street that announced a 25-minute wait from that point to the speaker to place your order.  Wow …

2011-07-14_19-55-24_971 2011-07-14_22-29-13_256

My truck was never going to make it into that parking lot, so I parked a couple of blocks away and walked in.  The line was no better inside, so I gave up on my taste buds and asked an employee to go behind the counter and pick up the one thing I couldn’t leave without – an authentic In-N-Out Texas t-shirt for Ryan.  By January when I go back, I suspect the lines will be a little shorter (and the In-N-Out about a mile from where I stay will be open).

2011-07-15_12-47-06_903 2011-07-15_12-47-29_824

The Grapevine show was noteworthy mostly for the age of our help.  Suzanne Reed’s son Sean was just a baby when she started helping out, and in January he asked if he could help us set up in July.  Good worker – he helped Momma set up the USArtQuest carts, priced stuff for me, and by the end of the day was still interested in coming back again.  Suzanne, you had better take advantage of that enthusiasm while it lasts – the teenage years are coming …

2011-07-15_12-47-51_527 2011-07-16_09-56-42_474

And we had a baby in the booth all weekend.  I could leave it at that and just show the pictures, but the explanation is pretty good.  Jane McLaughlin and her sisters Ann and Margo have helped us for years in Grapevine.  Jane’s son John and daughter-in-law Natalie are missionaries in Mexico for Athletes in Action, and Natalie (also a setup/teardown veteran) was in town for a visit with four-month-old Lucia.

2011-07-16_09-12-27_226 2011-07-17_12-32-57_803 2011-07-17_11-59-44_213

A baby in the booth always draws attention, but it appears that Lucia has a crafting future – that’s a Faber-Castell Big Brush Pen in her hand in the right photo, and she had no interest in giving it up!

2011-07-16_08-58-17_429 2011-07-16_08-58-25_369

Next summer, I am going to go for a spin in this – Jane’s husband Weldon has a motorcycle with a sidecar, and this is how Natalie got to the show on Saturday (Lucia rode with Grandma in the car).  It’s modeled after the German motorcycles from WWII (think Hogan’s Heroes).

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  1. Sorry you didn't get your burger. It's always fun to see behind the scenes of the shows. Thanks for sharing.