Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here They Are, Spellbinders Fans . . .

You’re going to get the short version today – I’m still working on the e-mail list fiasco (I’ll devote an entire post to that at some point).  52 New Spellbinders Dies went live on our website this morning as the Summer CHA Show in Chicago opened.  We are accepting advance orders now, and will ship them as soon as they arrive from Spellbinders (they estimate late August or early September).  As usual, we’re selling them for 20% off the MSRP and we’ll ship the advance orders free!  (Reminder – anything you need immediately should be ordered separately – otherwise, we’ll ship it with the dies when they arrive)

When you see something you like, just click on the photo and you’ll open the corresponding page on our site so you can look at it -- and from there you can add it to your shopping cart!

E8-001LR E8-002LR E8-003LR E8-004LR
E8-005LR E8-006LR LF-002LR Lf-003LR
LF-005LR LF-006LR LF-007LR LF-008LR
LF-010productsmplLR Lf-012productsmplLR LF-132LR LF-133LR
LF-347LR S4-320LR S4-326LR S4-327LR
S4-329LR S4-334LR S4-335LR S4-338LR
S4-340LR S4-343LR S4-344LR S4-345LR
S4-346LR S4-347LR S4-348LR S4-351LR
S4-352LR S5-033LR S5-054LR S5-055LR
S5-056LR S5-057LR S5-058LR S5-059LR
S5-060LR S5-061LRS5-062LR   S5-063LR
S5-066LR S5-067LR S5-070LR S5-071LR
S5-072LR S5-073LR S5-074LR S5-075LR

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