Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Marco’s Gals Meet a Star (and other Akron stories)

A lot of people in Akron owe Ted Cutts after this weekend – I was only one of them (read the post before this one if you don’t know why).  But for everyone else, it was because he brought Tim Holtz along for the ride.  Ted has an arrangement with Tim and a lot of Stampers Anonymous stamps are part of the Tim Holtz line.  This weekend, Tim was teaching classes and doing demos and basically holding court and doing the “meet and greet” during the show.

When he showed up near the end of setup, it became a bit of a photo-op for the vendors . . .


And of course the Marco’s Gals in attendance (Donna Sheetz, Karen, and Judy Davidson) got in on the act!

Saturday morning, I went out about ten minutes before the show started to pass out flyers – and found a line that stretched out the door, down the hall, down the escalator, around the corner, past the buffet, and out the front door into downtown Akron (and I am not exaggerating).  I was so busy passing out sheets of paper that I didn’t even think to take a picture of it.


We had a new twist in our booth – an expanding line of kits from Tweety Jill (Jill Haglund) at TJ Designs. Jill will be in our store in Dayton this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of our 4th Annual Spring Spectacular!


Linda Malcom from Lost Coast Designs was in the booth next to us – Linda will kick off the Spring Spectacular Monday and Tuesday with two classes and a trunk show in the store!  That’s right – all day Monday and until about 2:00 on Tuesday, stop by the store and discover why Linda has been our friend for a long time.


Inside our booth, Connie (CJ) Vogt was busy showing off Copic Markers and Big Shot Express machines to the masses, and her friend Peggy (almost got all of her in the foreground here) was running all over the booth helping customers.


The gang from Christy’s Main St. Memories in New Concord, Ohio were at it again.  If you have read this blog from the beginning, you have seen them before – they made my mom’s sour cream drops from the recipe I posted and brought them to Akron last April, then dressed as matching dusters during the Stampaway preview party in August.  Since I haven’t posted a recipe lately, they brought an assortment of goodies.  Guess I had better get busy in the kitchen again . . .

0424001602a 0424001602b


And I tried, but I still don’t think I got everyone into the picture when giveaway time came.

One more picture that I have to share – and it comes from my trip to the International dealer on Friday.  I had no idea that Rick and Debby from Just for Fun had picked up a new tour bus . . .


No, they haven’t – but with the name on the side of this bus I couldn’t resist taking a shot and showing it around the convention center on Saturday morning.

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  1. Oh you just love to rub it in don't you! All the posts about the marvelous sales and makes-n-takes and classes at the store. Now all the stories about what we all missed at the Akron show. You've got a real cruel streak in you, ya know?! Then of course there was your post about your trip with your folks ~ I could keep going! Can you tell that I'm a bit jealous here? Not to mention all the great paper that you're going to have on sale due to the great buys you got when the mill closed recently. Maybe I just need to move to Ohio!