Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hide ‘N’ Seek in Allentown

I enjoy Setup Day when we’re on the road at shows.  It’s hard work, but it’s laid back and I can let my mind wander while we go through the motions of building a booth.  And sometimes, we see things from a kid’s perspective . . .

0409001339a 0409001339

This is a look at The Paper Cut’s booth from Ron Justison’s point of view, so you probably have rarely noticed it.  But this little guy did.  Chase’s parents run Sweet Stamps, and this is his first year out on the road with us.  Apparently he couldn’t resist exploring a new hiding place.


At every show, my dog has a “following” – at least two or three people ask how Zoe is (or where Zoe is).  But this is a first – Beverly Parnell brought treats for her.  And later, Chris Blubaugh told me she’s planning a visit to lovely Dayton in August – she plans to visit our store and wants to meet Zoe in person.  Amazing . . .

0410001402 0410001403

The obligatory “Sue draws a crowd” shots – with a twist.  See the guy over by the garage door?  Not the one with the hat . . .


This is Dave Rothamel, Sue’s husband.  He was playing “Guy Friday” for Sue, helping customers find their way through her products.  After the show ends, they are headed straight to Maryland to meet their new grandchild for the first time.

0410001435 0410001435a

At the other end of the booth, Tim Hammonds from Scor-It-All was introducing his new pink boards in his new pink monogrammed polo shirt.  But I missed him – the only time all day I had a chance to run over to his side of the booth, he was away from his post for a moment . . .

0410001449 0410001510

And that guy WAY back by the back garage door (and WAY out of focus in the shot at right) is the reason I forgot to take pictures of the giveaway crowd.  I was too busy explaining that he is “the guy in the Rutgers hat” who always won giveaway prizes at shows in the northeast a couple of years ago.  He has been AWOL for a year or so while his wife was dealing with eye problems, but now they are back – and I was having fun warning the crowd that he was their sworn enemy.  Alas, he didn’t win anything – but I found out later that he missed by only one number!


  1. OMG! HI little Chase who is growing up so big. We all miss Stacey (Sweet Stamps) here in mid Michigan. Tell her I am still waiting on our lunch at the Bloated Goat. Well, heck you can come too Greg-bring the gang. See you all in August in Novi.

  2. Now that Zoe has her own fan base, you're gonna have to start taking her on the road with you!