Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Was Only Gone Four Days . . .

Usually when I travel, the only changes I notice at home when I get back are a pile of mail and a lawn that needs to be mowed. But springtime is different – four days on the road and it’s a whole new world . . .

0412001339b 0412001025

I love red dogwoods – this one is called a Cherokee Brave and the caps were just getting ready to open when I left. As you can see, it’s just full of blooms this year.


The blooms on the white dogwood are also very pretty this year . . .

0412001339 DSCN0843

Unfortunately, there are only seven of them – which I guess is proof that it was a hard winter. I’ll probably have to feed it a little more this year. The picture at right was the same tree last April.

0412001026a 0412001646

At left is our redbud – this is the first year it has had more than a few blooms. It is the offspring of the redbud in my neighbor’s yard (at right).

0412001506 0412001506a

Even the phlox came out while I was gone, as did the stuff at right (and I have no idea what it is, but it looks nice in the landscaping).


Now Zoe did not change while I was gone. But she looked so cute when I picked her up at the kennel that I couldn’t resist shooting a picture with my cell phone before we left.

0412001244a 0412001245

Then I went by the store, and the first thing I heard was “Did you see the new sign?” Of course not – I went in the back door! But now that we have a sign for the new space next to the store, I guess we’ll have to fill it . . .


  1. Glad you take time to smell the flowers, and enjoy life. It's always a joy reading your blog. And how could ANYONE resist Zoe's face :-)

  2. Lovely pictures of the trees and flowers! Not to mention Zoe!
    Thank you for sharing! I enjoy the blog! Now...waiting to see what you do with Marco's Two!

  3. Your plants in bloom are very pretty! As is Zoe! Our white dogwoods here in the South aren't as pretty as usual this year either, I thought maybe it was because we'd had TOO much rain. They are kind of fickle about rain, not enough vs too much. At any rate, your red one is beautiful! I love the red/pink ones too! Enjoy Spring!

  4. Beautiful pics - your trees are beautiful. Please get all your work done so you are packed and ready for Akron!! Looking forward to seeing you there again this year. When you arrive and decide you need help, let me know, would love to help you get all set up for the big two days! :)