Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Blog Comes Full Circle in the Circle City

I have been pondering (my dad likes that word – it even sounds like you’re thinking) how I would handle convention stories on the blog once we started revisiting places.  We have reached that point – the blog will be a year old on March 12, and the first pictures I posted were from last year’s Indianapolis show.  So in a sense, here we are again . . .

I decided that, at least this time, I would look for some different perspectives – maybe even stuff that I haven’t seen before.


Like the building.  The show is held in the Agriculture/Horticulture Building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  We have been coming here since 2004, and this is the only view I have ever seen of it – from the back.


So I walked out the front door this afternoon and took a picture of the building as you folks see it.


This is another view that I always see.  Because of the regulations at the fairgrounds, we’re not allowed to park our truck near the building.  Most of the vendors with trailers can leave them in the infield on the racetrack, but you have to go under a bridge to get there and our truck is too high for the clearance.  So have to park way on the other side of the racetrack.  I walked over that bridge several times each year on the way to and from the building.  Two years ago, a covered bridge was erected in its place.

0306000943 0306000943a

The building also has something that I rarely see anymore – a pay phone.  You hadn’t noticed?  I’m not surprised – it’s next to the entrance to the men’s restroom . . .


The day got off to a good start.  Today is Polly Weed’s birthday (no, I didn’t ask which one).  Karen and David stopped by and picked her up flowers and a balloon . . .

0306000903 0306001205

And Sheila and Nikki from Heirloom made her a crown that she wore all day.  Sheila also led a chorus of Happy Birthday over the loudspeaker.

0306001059 0306001217

The obligatory Sue Rothamel Draws a Crowd Everywhere She Goes pictures . . .


Another view has changed.  Gary Burlin’s booth has never had a sign – they always just hung shopping bags like this around the perimeter of their booth.

0306001505 0306001522

Now they have a bright lime green sign – and bright lime green shirts to go with it.  I asked Russell (on the left) if Gary bought him a shirt as well, and he lifted the bottom of his Ohio State sweatshirt to reveal his lime green shirt.  In his defense, I will admit that it was chilly in the building.

Oh yeah – two things.  One, that sign was on the back of their booth, so the only way you saw it was if you were coming back from the restroom.  Two, I did not say this, but I thought it was funny enough to repeat – rumor has it those shirts may be used by trash collectors on Monday . . .


This shot also serves a dual purpose.  Yes, that is a man demoing in the PK Glitz booth (Jim always does).  And as soon as Andrea Hampton (holding the white shopping bag) sees this, she will drag her daughter Katie to the computer to show her that Mom made the blog.  When I first met Katie, her mom was pushing her around the show in a stroller.  Now, she is getting ready to go into high school . . .

0306001620a 0306001621a

I’m still trying to get that great shot of Nikki and Sheila for their Stamping Shenanigans blog.  Thought I had it until I cropped it – the glare from outside on Nikki’s glasses means I may have to try again another time.

0306001545 0306001559

One final view, that started with these three ladies who set up shop by themselves behind the booth about 15 minutes before the giveaway.  By the time 4:00 rolled around, I could barely see them back by the pole from my perch on the ladder . . .


  1. It was a pleasure seeing you in Indy today. can have this blog feed to your facebook fan page somehow. Its been a couple years since I set mine up and FB has changed a bit so I'm not sure exactly how to do it. Check it out!

  2. Thanks! It took me almost an hour this morning, but I think I figured it out and these ramblings will go straight to the Facebook fan page as well.

  3. Happy (almost) blog anniversary! That's very funny that in six years you had never seen the front of the building :) Have a great trip back home!