Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ah, Spring . . .

I know better than to think it’s here for good, but Spring seems to have finally sprung.  Somehow, I managed to be home on a glorious Monday, with temps in the low 60s and bright sunshine and birds singing (and you get the idea).  I’m back at work today, but it’s almost exactly the same – except now I’m looking longingly out the window.  But I still have memories of yesterday . . .

0308001137a 0308001555

The crocuses that were just about ready to pop last Thursday are in full bloom now.

0308001556 0308001154

And I got a couple of good shots of them before the camera hog jumped into the picture.  So Zoe and I moved on to the backyard.  I can’t remember when the lawn has been so matted from the weight of several months of snow.  But we’re supposed to have rain for the next few days, so I’ll bet by next week the first blades of new grass will start peeking through.

0308001203 0308001204

Soon Zoe’s ball came out for the first time in the new year.  This is her favorite game – we learned the first day we had her.  Zoe loves to chase the kickball, and sometimes she even brings it back.  Hopefully, those piles of snow will be gone for good in a few more days!

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