Monday, August 31, 2009

Prayer and Card Request

Most of you know by now that my writing style is usually light and upbeat (some might even call it corny). But not today . . .

Many of you know Karen Ihle -- if you're local you've seen her in the store and if not you've seen her in the booth at shows. You may not know her name, but no doubt you've seen her face -- this was her costume at the Cincinnati show earlier this month.

Karen had a stroke on Friday evening, and is currently in the hospital. She is stable and seems to be doing better, but it's not easy to get much information at hospitals over the weekend. She had an MRI yesterday and is scheduled for a CAT scan today, so hopefully we'll know more soon. The stroke is affecting her speech and her left side. She was awake and quite alert and talkative when I got the hospital Friday night, and was sleeping peacefully when I was there Saturday (so I didn't wake her).

Addendum -- I went to see Karen at lunchtime today and she looks much better. She is able to get around a little with help. The doctor said the MRI showed that she had a "very strong" stroke and is fortunate -- many in similar situations have ended up paralyzed or worse. He told her she should be able to get back her normal duties again.

Karen is the sister I never had -- we have been close for nearly 30 years and helped raise each other's children. Your prayers would be appreciated.

So would cards -- if you'd like to send her one, please send it to the store and we'll make sure it gets to her:

Karen Ihle
Marco's Paper
25 West Whipp Road
Centerville, OH 45459



  1. I demoed at the last show you did in Des Moines Iowa and helped set up at shows before that. Please tell Karen she is in my prayers. We are headed out of state tomorrow morning... my dh's father passed away and the funeral is Wednesday... so I know I don't currently have time to make a card... but I do want her to know she is in my thoughts.

    Wanda Hentges

  2. I'm so sorry Greg. Thanks for letting us know. I'm glad she should be able to get back to normal.