Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Classroom is Just Not Enough . . .

Our store was absolutely rocking during the Summer Stamping Gala that led up to the Cincinnati convention. When customers came to our store last Wednesday, they were greeted by a handwritten directional sign at the front door . . .

I guess this is one of those times where the economy worked in our favor -- there are two empty storefronts in our strip, and the landlord allowed us to spread out and put them to use. Completely unrelated side note -- back in the day, this whole strip used to be one big grocery store called Phil & Jerry's Foodarama. They had an amazing bakery, and 27 years ago they did my wedding cake.

Right inside the front door, Nora Bussell and Judy Davidson were having a bake sale and canned food drive, with the proceeds going to the food pantries at St. Vincent de Paul and the Good Neighbor House here in Dayton. They raised over $150 and collected dozens of cans of food.

Karen was busy at the front counter -- looks like everyone here got the memo that it was red blouse day . . .

Karen's daughter Ashley had just stopped by to visit and immediately plopped down on the floor for a visit with Zoe.

Polly Weed from Polly's Pals was holding court in our classroom. Polly was making her first appearance in our store and she sold out three stenciling classes.

Polly's husband Norm was on hand to help out. Norm was hoping that my Wednesday golf league would need an extra sub, but everyone showed up for a change. And everyone wanted Zoe to come around the table and greet them (I am not making this stuff up -- when we walked into the store, two people I have never seen came racing to the front shouting "Zoe's here!").

Pat Adams was conducting a class called "Dicrofiber Butterflies" in our prep area in the back. And yes, that is a man taking her class -- we get several around here!

In one of the vacant storefronts, customers were enjoying a Candy Box make it & take it. Gave me a chance to explore the building -- if we could work out the parking, I would love to move our store down here. Lots more windows out front and nooks and crannies galore inside.

Different room, same dog, same reaction . . .

And in the other storefront, Ginger Deaton was leading a "Fragment Fun" make it & take it featuring Tim Holtz fragments. This is also where our costumes were created earlier in the week.

And this is also where Alexie Cutter was hanging out. If there was a Zoe Fan Club, Alexie would be the president -- she is often in the store with her mom, and she always wants to know if Zoe is there.

And this concludes three days of convention/store recap. I'll try not to bother you quite as often for a while . . .


  1. No bother at all Greg. Loved the photos (what a little ham Zoe is)and captions. Just wish I could be there to take the classes. See you in Rhinebeck.

    Elaine Allen

  2. I, too, just wanted to say it hasn't been a bother. It's been great fun. Hope some day to be able to head out to the convention. Until then at least I can enjoy it vicariously :)

  3. My dad was Jerry's son at Foodarama, he was the manger of the bakery when you got your wedding cake! Thanks for the flashback!

    1. Loved that place -- it brings back a lot of memories.