Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Slightest Bit of Envy for a Nine-Year-Old Boy

After the show ended yesterday, I jumped in the truck and headed from Grapevine to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (about 20 minutes south). Finding a place to park the truck is sometimes an adventure, but not here -- I have been here twice before and know a good parking lot a couple of blocks from the stadium.

Things have changed a lot since the last time I was here . . .

The Dallas Cowboys built a new stadium just across the parking lot. I took both of these pictures from the same spot with my cell phone -- just took the picture of the new stadium and then turned around and faced the entrance to the ballpark.

I love ballparks. There is still a bit of that "little boy" wonder in me when I walk out where I can see the panoramic view of the field for the first time.

But nothing like this . . .

The nine-year-old boy in the background (that's his sister in the foreground) was attending his first major league game. In the sixth inning, a guy in the next section caught a foul ball -- it was a nice catch -- and gave the ball to this boy. Then during the seventh inning stretch, the kid ended up on the JumboTron. Thankfully, his dad had a camera handy. I leaned back afterward and asked Dad how he was going to explain to his son that not all games are like this!

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