Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Search for Summer Continues

I am now in Grapevine, Texas (near the Dallas-Fort Worth airport). Picked a good weekend to head south in search of "hungry" stampers and warm weather -- it's only supposed to be about 70 degrees at home today. It was 106 as I rolled through northeastern Texas on Thursday afternoon. A little cooler Friday (only 98), but we started setup at 8:30 in the morning so we could get the truck unloaded before it got too hot.

The early start and a great group of experienced local helpers who know where everything goes (thanks to Jane, Ann, Natalie, Suzanne and Barbara) that meant we got done by mid-afternoon. Also meant that I had time to go to a local golf course and play 18 holes. There will be those who think I'm crazy, but the thought of walking around lugging my bag on a July afternoon in Texas sounded wonderful.

And it was. There was no one ready to play when I got there, so I played by myself and got around in a little over three hours. I'll admit I was tired when I finished, but I played pretty well for me and just took some time to enjoy myself.

I don't often get a chance to do more than one "me" thing when I'm out of town (and sometimes not even that), but I may get a double dose this weekend -- if all goes well, I hope to make a trip out to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and catch a baseball game tonight.

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