Friday, July 3, 2009

Caught in the Act . . .

Random thoughts -- so if you don't like this one, the next one will be different . . .

Zoe is keeping me company at the mail center today. Everyone else who is usually here is off for the holiday, so I brought her along for the ride. She doesn't say much, but she has things she likes to do. One of them is looking out the front window at the world outside, so I pulled the curtain aside a little to give her a decent viewing area. A little while later, I decided to come out and take a picture . . .

. . . and caught her chewing on a cardboard box instead. After a good scolding, she is now lying on the floor beside me -- it seems she always comes back to apologize. But I know that she'll be back at the window later (hopefully without the chewing) -- she does the same thing at home.

And sure enough, about an hour later, I was able to sneak out the back door and get a shot through the window (I must have been quiet -- Zoe's hearing is very good).

Today is my "little boy's" 21st birthday. As I type this, he is still 20, but he'll be 21 before I finish (he was born at 11:08 a.m.). Ryan was born on Sunday morning, and both sets of grandparents were in church. This was before cell phones, text messaging, and such, so I called the main numbers at both churches and had the grandpas pulled out of the sanctuary to give them the news. Both announced to their congregations (and our moms) that their first grandchild had been born, and about 20 minutes after church ended, we had two sets of grandparents at the hospital congratulating each other.

My mom has learned over the years that the way to Ryan's heart is definitely through his stomach. So has his girlfriend. Both made comments this week about how hard it is to shop for a kid who works at his favorite store and has an employee discount. So Mom made him creamed chicken and sour cream drops last night, and Sarah is taking him out to eat at a nice restaurant this evening.

The new Spellbinders dies have arrived. The first batch arrived yesterday. I'm impressed with Spellbinders -- there have been times that they have taken two months to ship after introducing new dies, but this time ours were on the way before the blog party ended. You can see all 16 of them at And of course they're on sale -- the $24.99 Pendants dies are on sale for $19.99, and the $19.99 Borderabilities dies are on sale for $15.99. Feel free to spread the word -- and give us a call at 1-888-433-5239 to place your orders!

And I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Mine will be quite full and my flag is already flying at home. Tonight I will be making a taco salad for a family reunion tomorrow, and I may make those long-promised chocolate mint cookies for another one on Sunday. So I have two family reunions this weekend and a Sunday morning on the floor camera at church. In-between, I think Dad and Zoe and I will take a hike at a local nature preserve if the weather allows.


  1. I have noticed the dearth of comments so I want to let you know we are here and we are reading!! I love your blog---you do a really good job. Because I visit your booth twice a year in Grapevine Texas it seems I know you a bit so I can picture you in the adventures you write about.
    Thanks again---see you in a couple of weeks!

  2. Did I miss the posting of the infamous mint chocolate cookies????? Sure hope not!

  3. ditto to babs55. Always enjoy the posts, whether random comments or projects; they're like receiving a letter from a friend in the mail :) I also never know what I may find. Recipes. Projects. Other blogs. (It was from one of your blogs that I found out about Michelle Zindorf's blog. - wow. great cards). thx!

    Have a great 4th! Happy birthday to Ryan :)

  4. Hey Greg;
    I to am enjoying the blogs. it is like a letter from a friend. You say mom made Ryan creamed chicken and sour cream drops. [I beleive those are two seperate things, yes?] Will you be providing recipes? and I too would like the mint chocolate cookie recipe. If you have previously blogged it just let me know where to look, otherwise I'll keep reading if you keep writing. Jo Hilpert; Wisconsin. Hope to see you in November.

  5. Yes, creamed chicken and sour cream drops are two different things. Creamed chicken is just creamed chicken (more or less shredded chicken with gravy) -- Ryan just likes my mom's because it's simple. I posted the sour cream drops back in April, so if you look in the archives along the right side of the blog you'll find it.

    The long-awaited chocolate mint cookies will post on Tuesday. I made them over the weekend and took pictures, but forgot to bring the recipe with me this morning (it's simple, but I don't want to miss anything). So stay tuned . . .