Monday, June 15, 2009

Rubber Stamp Shows 101

I love doing shows -- any of you who have seen me at one probably already know that. And I enjoy visiting with people who come into our booth. On Saturdays, that "visit" is usually no more than "Hello, how are you?" and "Thanks for coming!" On Sundays, the conversations can be more in-depth.

For those of you who are new to the experience, here's why . . .

This is the view looking down the aisle from my cash register at 1:00 Saturday at last weekend's Gateway Rubber Stamp Getaway in Collinsville, Illinois (near St. Louis).

This is the same view at 1:00 Sunday -- notice a difference?

I see people at every show who are looking for help with a special project or have physical limitations that make it hard to get around, and they're frustrated with the crowd and can't get the attention they need on Saturday. I know why you want to be there as soon as the show opens -- it's fresh and exciting, the customers (and the vendors) are pumped up, and the shelves are fully stocked. And it's fun -- believe me, I love it when it's crowded.

But Sunday is a great visiting day -- there aren't as many customers, and you can take your time wandering through the booths without bumping into someone every few feet. And we have time to take five or ten minutes (and sometimes more) to give you special attention.

Those of you who like to come both days already know this. But if you can only come one day, it might help your experience if you keep that in mind.
Of course, now it's Monday after a weekend show and I'm home cleaning up a few loose ends (like posting to this blog) before I go out to mow the grass. And my view is a little different . . .

Zoe has stayed pretty close to me ever since I got home . . .

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