Monday, June 22, 2009

A Dog's Life Revisited . . .

Most of you know that my dog Zoe loves our store. She was trained there when she was a puppy -- it was a central location for the trainer and me to meet, and gave Zoe a chance to get used to being around people. So she is very comfortable there.

I usually take her to work on Saturdays, and that often includes a stop by the store. But I have been at shows the past two weekends, so Zoe was ready to rock by the time we got there. The first lady she saw had been asking me to bring Zoe on Wednesdays so she could meet her. I wish I had thought to drag out the camera, because I'm not sure which of them was more excited.

Then Zoe found a little girl -- and oh, how she loves children. They played for several minutes and I showed her where Zoe likes to be scratched before I had to go up front to shoot some pictures. It wasn't long before she wandered up to see her new friend again . . .

This time I had the camera out. After I shot this picture, I had to move around to see the view from another angle.

When Zoe puts her paw on you like that, it means "Please, don't stop . . ."

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  1. awww, what a great babysitter Zoe makes! our Jack does the same with his paw... hope Zoe is in the store next time I visit!