Saturday, June 27, 2009

One of the Few Advantages of Driving a Big Truck . . .

When we do shows, our truck is more than just a way to get the booth to the show location. It's also my way to get around once setup is done. That can present problems -- especially parking problems. But not at Disney World. Last night, I took advantage of a friend's generosity and went out to Disney's Hollywood Studios for an evening on my own.

And this is the view from my parking space. Cost $12.00, but I got to park with the buses right next to the main entrance. You'll note the Disney bus in the background of the first photo, and the top of Mickey's sorcerer hat in the background of the second. Can't beat it . . .

Side note to the Orlando crowd on Saturday -- thanks to those of you who braved the heat INSIDE the building at the Radisson WorldGate Resort in Kissimmee. There was simply no excuse -- the hotel's convention manager stood face-to-face with me in the convention hall and had the audacity to tell me it wasn't warm, while our customers were dripping behind me. I will be sending letters to both the hotel manager and Radisson corporate, and will post any response I receive. You deserve better treatment.

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