Friday, June 26, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness by a Guardian Angel . . .

I can be an old-fashioned grump at times (ask my family), and this morning was one of those times. My day always starts with a newspaper while I'm eating breakfast. On days when the paper is late, Greg is not a happy boy. At home, my "paperboy" was once the high school basketball coach (and I was his statistician) -- he knows, and my paper is always there about 5:00 a.m.

I'm in Orlando for a show this weekend (so come out and see us if you are, too!). Many hotels put a paper in front of your door, or at least have a stack at the front desk. Not this one -- I was told that papers were at the gift shop. But the gift shop wasn't open 20 minutes past the posted opening time. I walked back out of the hotel restaurant as the clerk arrived, and she told me the papers arrive "in the morning" and weren't there yet. I walked away, grumbling something about it already being morning . . .

That's where Darlene Clark enters the story -- she had greeted me when I entered the restaurant, and must have been out on the lobby when I went into "old grump mode". She also must have been out there when the papers arrived, because a few minutes later she appeared at my table with a smile and a copy of the Orlando Sentinel -- and wouldn't even let me give her back the dollar she paid for it. She absolutely made my morning.

Darlene was in the lobby when I came out later so I shot a quick picture and thanked her again. She is on our e-mail list -- I have said for years that our customers are the nicest folks. This just proves it.

Thanks again, Darlene!

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  1. What?! You didn't realize that in the stamping world you're famous? Hope that her beautiful smile was contagious because one of the best things about stopping by your booth is that you're FUN, Greg! This is especially helpful when you can't get near the demo tables...